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Feb 23, 2017

Analysis of another sketch from Limmy's Show. Listen to informal English spoken in a Glasgow accent, and understand it. Episode page:

Feb 22, 2017

An episode analysing more British comedy, this time focusing on a couple of sketches from Limmy's Show, an award-winning TV comedy produced by BBC Scotland. See link for transcriptions, notes and videos. Episode page

Feb 16, 2017

Listen to the conclusion of this mystery story in which Amber, Paul and I attempt to solve a series of kidnappings in Victorian London. Episode page: italki offer:

Feb 13, 2017

Join Amber, Paul and me as we attempt to solve a series of mysterious kidnappings in Victorian London. Full story text available. Episode page: italki offer:

Feb 8, 2017

Talking to Andy Johnson and Ben Butler about teaching English to millennials, cross-cultural experiences we've had as English teachers and some funny stories about Andy. Episode page London School Online (use offer code LUKE10) for a 10% discount