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Oct 26, 2018

[VIDEO] 557. I'm a Rambling Guy (Monologue - Autumn 2018)

This is the video version of ep.557, recorded at home in the sky-pod.

The audio version will be published on 1 November.

The video file is quite large so I recommend watching it using a wi-fi connection.

To view the video in full screen on your phone, first tap...

Oct 12, 2018

P07 [3] Pronunciation Drills - The Grammar of Gandalf - Verb Tense Review + More

This premium episode contains pronunciation drills focusing on the target language in parts 1 and 2. 

Use the PDF to do the language tests, then listen to this episode and repeat the lines after me.

There are 3 tests available in the PDF,...

Oct 12, 2018

P07 [2/2] The Grammar of Gandalf - Verb Tense Review + more

Continuing our in-depth look at the grammar of verb tenses, using a scene from Lord of the Rings as our sample of English.

This premium episode focuses on talking about the future, modal verbs, using wishhopepity, mean to correctly and how to avoid certain...

Oct 10, 2018

P07 [1/2] The Grammar of Gandalf - Verb Tense Review + more

Going deep into the grammar of English in this premium episode all about verb tenses. In this part we look at present perfect simple vs continuous, past simple for narratives, time expressions, and various other features of grammar. 

The story context is about...

Sep 17, 2018

P06 [3] Adjective Phrases / Noun Phrases / Prepositional Phrases / Idioms from LEP#464 #465

Teaching you vocabulary from an episode of LEP from the archive. Learn phrases across different parts of speech, then test yourself with the quiz and enjoy some funny listen & repeat drills for pronunciation.

PDF available with...