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Sep 18, 2021

741. Top Jokes from Edinburgh Fringe 2021, Explained

Learn English from some jokes in this episode as we go through 9 jokes chosen as the best of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe stand up comedy scene this year (2021). Let me tell you the jokes, see if you understand them, and then I will break them down for...

Sep 14, 2021

740. Are native English speakers bad communicators? (The Travel Adapter with Matt Halsdorff)

Talking to English teacher Matt Halsdorff about a project to train native English speakers how to communicate better with non-natives. We talk about the reasons why native speakers are often bad at communicating with...

Sep 8, 2021

739. The Escaped Man by CT Platt (Learn English with Short Stories)

Reading a short story presented on The Escaped Man is a mystery full of tension and intrigue. Listen closely as I break it all down and explain the vocabulary fully. YouTube video version also available.

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Sep 2, 2021

Chatting to my family about some old anecdotes and stories from the past. Listen for some enjoyable chat, memories, descriptions and tales from days gone by.

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Aug 30, 2021

P31 [4/6] What did Gill say? Pronunciation Drills & Memory Test

Develop your pronunciation by repeating key sentences after me, focusing on sentence stress and connected speech.

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