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Jun 27, 2020

P10 Pronunciation Drills Video

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Welcome to the pronunciation drills video for P10 which was the language analysis, test and pronunciation practice for language which came up in my conversation with Zdenek Lukas. Here you’ll listen to and repeat phrases and sentences said by both of us.

The emphasis is on clear but fluent speech. As usual I recommend that you listen out for the sentence stress. There’s a lot of stress involved in learning English, isn’t there?

Sentence stress will guide you for other things like weak forms and connected speech so pay attention to that first.

  1. It can be a real pain in the neck, writing a masters degree.
  2. Some students left it until the last minute before doing their work.
  3. I studied economics at university but I just wasn’t cut out for it.
  4. I didn’t want to mess up or otherwise my boss would tell me off.
  5. There was a terrible drought in summer here.
  6. I have to make sure I get this right or they’re all going to take the piss out of me. 
  7. Hopefully my daughter will grow up to be bilingual, which means she should have the advantage of speaking two languages.
  8. I put a lot of hard work into learning English and it’s really paying off for me now.
  9. Thank you for your offer, but I’m afraid I’m going to turn it down. 
  10. I haven’t fixed the cupboard in the bathroom but I’ll get round to it asap.