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Jun 29, 2020

P11 Pronunciation Drills Video

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Hello! Welcome to Premium Pronunciation Video number 11. In this one we’re going to practise saying 10 sentences that came up in Premium Episode 11, which was the analysis of language which came in the podcast episode I did about Paul Chowdhry.

That was a really full series of episodes absolutely jam packed with target language. 

As usual with these pronunciation videos, I’ve only taken a small selection of that target language for these drills. If you want all of it, including explanations and the rest, go back to P11 and listen to all of that. These drills come from the memory test & pron drills in the original series.

Focus on sentence stress, as usual. The rest should fall into place after that.


  • It’s boiling in here! I am absolutely boiling in this jacket! 
  • I was absolutely roasting in bed last night. I’m not used to sleeping with the window closed.
  • We’re moving next month so we’re trying to get rid of as much of our stuff as possible. 
  • My wife and I first moved in together when I moved out of my flat in London and moved to Paris.
  • I reckon it’ll probably be cold outside today so you ought to bring a coat.
  • Could you put on a slight American accent for this job?
  • This cake is lovely. How did you make it so moist?
  • Sorry I had a bad day and I was just taking it out on you.
  • These towels still aren’t dry. They’re still a bit damp.
  • I’ve got (a bit of) a bad stomach