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Apr 30, 2018

A Phrasal Verb a Day #125 - TO PILE IN

= to enter a place or a thing (e.g. a car) in very large numbers
“The doors of the store opened and everyone piled in, hoping to get a bargain in the sales.”


Hello there. Here is another phrasal verb for you and this one is TO PILE IN. PILE IN. So pile, that’s P I L E. Now, do you know what a pile is? If there’s a pile of clothes on the floor or a pile of something, it just means a large amount or a large number of things all in one place. Right? Like a big pile of clothes. If you’ve just done the laundry and you take clothes out of the laundry, there’s usually a pile of clothes on the floor. Right? Now, to pile…
So, that’s a large amount of something. Right.

Now, TO PILE IN means to enter a place or enter a thing, and we’re usually talking about people entering a place or a thing, like a car, or bus, or something in very large numbers.

Okay? So, for example, you know, before the concert everyone was waiting out outside, everyone was very exited, and the doors opened and immediately everyone just PILED INTO the venue. Okay? You know like everyone… All the family were really excited and couldn’t wait to start the holiday and, you know, dad opened the door of the car and the kids just PILED IN the back and we started the holiday.
So, TO PILE IN. Okay?
There you go.

Like, for example, the beginning of the sales period, when the department store is going, you know, to sell lots of items at discounts, you might say that there are lots of, you know, excited shoppers queuing up outside the department store and at the beginning of the day the manager opened the doors and everyone immediately PILED IN and started shopping. Okay? So, there you go. TO PILE IN to enter in very large numbers. Allright? That’s the end of this episode. Bye.