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Sep 18, 2019

About Premium Videos

Hello premium viewers, here is a premium video about premium videos.

I've been thinking about premium videos.

I recently uploaded videos for eps 611-614. You might have seen them.

I probably won’t continue doing that in the premium subscription, because:

  • Bandwidth (large videos are v expensive)
  • Not sure it’s what you all want (you can let me know) Stats show they are not watched as much as audio premium episodes are listened to. Maybe this is because large videos don’t always work in the app on some devices.
  • Would be better suited to YouTube (free uploads and would bring in an audience, plus they’re keen on it)
  • Automatic subtitles

So I don’t think I’ll upload full podcast recordings like that into the app - except as audio of course. 

But I will continue doing premium videos - focusing on pronunciation and maybe some other video bits and pieces.

For the pronunciation videos, I’ll pick some sentences from the drills in normal premium episodes and demonstrate them so you can see my mouth moving, position of my lips and all that stuff, and also my body language, gestures and facial expressions.

Those videos will be shorter so they will a) be less costly to upload, b) work more consistently on all devices, c) easier for you to watch/ consume

So, I might upload some videos of me recording the podcast onto youtube from now on, but the premium subscription will continue to get videos to enjoy.

Let me know what you think of my plans by sending me an email in the app.