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Oct 28, 2019

P03 Pronunciation Drills Video

A video featuring pronunciation drills taken from Premium episode 03.

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Includes sample sentences from the pronunciation drills in premium episode 3, which was about the royal wedding with my mum (I mean my mum was in the episode, not in the wedding).

As usual, listen for which words are stressed in the sentence (usually the main ‘meaning’ words) and how that affects the rest of the sentence, especially how other little words are pronounced using weak forms and how words are connected together in various ways.

Usually, auxiliary verbs in sentences are pronounced with weak forms, except in certain cases, like when they are at the end of the sentence, as you will hear in a couple of these examples.

  1. It was such a lovely day and her dress was so beautiful.
  2. The more I watched it, the more fascinated I became.
  3. A few years ago, I think I would have described myself as a republican
  4. It was noticeable how nervous he was. (the first ‘was’ is weak, the 2nd isn’t - because it’s at the end of the sentence)
  5. She could have been acting the whole thing. But I don’t think she was.
  6. Harry really seems to be taking it all in.
  7. He must have been thinking about her
  8. Can you imagine how tedious it must be?