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Dec 6, 2019

P04 Pronunciation Drills Video

Pronunciation drills for premium episode 04, including target language from LEP#529 "The M Word" with Andy Johnson.

Use these exercises to improve your pronunciation and learn to sound like me! 

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Episode Script and Drills

Hello premium people and welcome to the pronunciation drills video for P04. This is the 4th short pronunciation video that I’ve done for you and it features pronunciation exercises using target language from episode 529 of Luke’s English Podcast (The M Word). Do you remember that episode? I chatted to friend of the podcast Andy Johnson about things like running marathons, giving talks about millennials and how he looks like Moby. 

So there was episode 529, which was a conversation.

Premium episode 04 in which I broke down a lot of the language from the conversation.

And this video contains pronunciation drills featuring a selection of that vocabulary. 

If you’re not sure what some of the language means, you’ll have to go back to P04 and review it, either by listening or by checking the PDF.

In these drills we’re going to focus on all the usual things like sentence stress, connected speech and intonation. You just have to try and repeat them like me. You can see the sentences written on the screen. You should also try to repeat the sentences without reading them because it’s good training for your ears. So, consider using your finger or a  piece of paper to just cover the sentences sometimes as you repeat. It’s good to practise repeating what you hear and then check the sentences to make sure you’re doing them properly. The sentences are also provided in the show notes.

Right, let’s go.

  1. I narrowly missed out on winning by just under 3 hours
  2. This would have been Wednesday afternoon.
  3. As I was running down to meet him, I felt my calf muscle pop.
  4. You must have been gutted
  5. We did a 90-minute run.
  6. I kept needing to stop to go to the toilet!
  7. I ran past a guy dressed as Jesus
  8. There was a guy dressed as a toilet.