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Dec 7, 2019

P05 Pronunciation Drills Video

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Here are some pronunciation drills from P05 which was about language from 540 of LEP. That one was a ramble from me about things like the world cup, old computer games, getting music stuck in your head and more.

Just try to say the sentences like me. Copy my word stress, sentence stress, connected speech and other pronunciation features.

Listen and repeat.

Pause the video in order to repeat after me.

Check P05 again if you’re not sure of any vocab.

Pronunciation Drills


  • This might be a trip down memory lane for some of you.
  • If there are any new people listening to this - jump on board and get involved.
  • They’re made of tough stuff (the Croatian team). 
  • I’ve got a song running around my head and I can’t shift it. 
  • They were very catchy tunes indeed.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog was popular – but he couldn’t hold a candle to Mario and all the Mario games.