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Jun 25, 2020

P08 Pronunciation Drills Video - FACIAL EXPRESSIONS & BODY LANGUAGE

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Hello, this is a pronunciation drills video for Premium series 8. This is a slightly longer one than usual, but it should be a good one.

I thought it would be funny and useful to record a video of myself saying the phrases from Premium episode 8 because body language and facial expressions are important. You don’t just say things with your mouth. You say them with your whole body.

For example,

Check out this dialogue with no body language. 

A: Hey, I’ve got to tell you something. I’ve met this girl and we’ve fallen completely in love with each other. She actually makes me happy. You know what, I never realised I could be this happy. We’re going to get married and everything. This is fantastic! I’m absolutely delighted!

B: Wow, yeah, I bet you are mate, that’s amazing. Good for you. Nice one. Really happy for you mate!

OK, so with that kind of thing in mind, let’s go through the phrases from this series again. This time, you can see my body language. So think about my facial expressions, my attitude, the way I use my hands, the way I move my body. 

I’m exaggerating a bit, for comic effect, but it’s a really good exercise for you to try to copy me too. See if you can say these phrases with attitude.

These are actually the phrases from the test in part 5 by the way.

Some Phrases from Parts 1 & 3

  1. 🗯Ooh, there’s snow and ice outside and the thermometer says -15 degrees. I’d say it’s probably coat-wearing weather.
    ➡️ Yeah, no shit sherlock!

  2. 🗯Imagine, you’re playing a game of cards and suddenly your friend gets serious and starts using some more competitive tactics. He’s suddenly become more ruthless. You notice the way his strategy has become more serious, so you say:
    ➡️ Oh I see, (it’s) like that is it? We’re playing that kind of game, are we?

  3. 🗯Your friend says, “Hey you’d better put your thick coat on, it’s absolutely freezing outside!” Then you get outside and it’s not as cold as you expected.
    ➡️ Come on, it’s not that cold.

  4. 🗯You change out of your wet clothes into some warm pajamas and slippers. What do you say?
    ➡️ Ahhhh, that’s more like it!

  5. 🗯Your friend says, “So my boyfriend has promised that he’s going to stop drinking forever.” You don’t believe he will, and you think…
    ➡️ Yeah, that’ll be the day

  6. Someone you know says, “Hey your English pronunciation is terrible! Ha ha ha! (He pronounced the word “pronunciation” wrong.)
    ➡️ You can talk.

  7. 🗯You’re a idiot.
    ➡️ Well it takes one to know one!

  8. 🗯So the guys from Orange say our internet won’t be connected until next week. 
    ➡️ Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me!

  9. 🗯You’ve taken your kids to school and you want them to leave the car and enter the school.
    ➡️ Right, off you go then! See you later. Have a good day!

  10. 🗯You see your friend who you haven’t seen for a while. You want to say “So, how are you?” and you want to know about his/her recent activities. You’d like to catch up, basically.
    ➡️ So, what have you been up to? 

Phrases from Parts 2 & 4

  1. 🗯You’re a teacher and you expect that your students haven’t done their homework again. You’re talking to your colleague.
    ➡️ I bet they haven’t done their homework again.

  2. 🗯You ask your friend, “So, how was the kids’ party?” and she says “I tell you what, it was great but they were mental! 20 kids running around our house all day. I’m absolutely exhausted.”
    ➡️ Yeah, I bet you are!

  3. 🗯Two friends are having a chat, and suddenly one of them makes a rude and suggestive innuendo (a suggestive joke)
    Person A: “Imagine living in the past when everyone rode around on horses.” Person B: “Sounds quite nice to me”
    Person A: “What, even the horses? It would be annoying, wouldn’t it?”
    Person B: “Ooh I don’t know, I’d quite like to have a hot muscular beast between my legs every day!”
    ➡️ Oooh, I bet you would! Ha ha ha ha ha ha etc (immature giggling)

  4. 🗯Shall we have lunch in the usual place?
    ➡️ Yeah, we might as well.
  5. 🗯So, Brexit has been called off. It’s not going to happen. A lot of people are pissed off about it, but on balance...
    ➡️ ...It’s probably for the best.

  6. 🗯Imagine, you’re in the pub with a friend who is in an excited and slightly crazy mood. He says “Hey, let’s get the beers in, and we’ll get shots too! Double shots for everyone!! Triple shots!!! Quadruple shots!!! Quint… five shots for everyone!!”
    ➡️ Alright, steady on! Easy tiger! Woah there!

  7. 🗯You’re climbing on a chair to fix a lightbulb and my Mum is in the room. She’s suddenly worried that you’ll have an accident. What does she say?
    ➡️ Careful! (specific pronunciation)

8. 🗯So you failed your driving test again. How do you feel?
➡️ I’m absolutely gutted mate.