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Dec 20, 2018

P09 [2/3] Language Review for LEP 547-549 British Comedy: Alan Partridge

Part 2 of this series about language from the Alan Partridge episodes of LEP which I published in October. 

This second part features analysis and teaching of various useful bits of English that were used in episodes 547, 548 & 549, including:

  1. A bit of grammar in the form of present perfect continuous
  2. Some social English, which means a few phrases or features of language that are quite common in social interactions, including some stuff on tag questions.
  3. Some bits of formal English. These are moments when Alan sounds a bit too formal. Let’s make his English sound more normal.
  4. Vocabulary relating to sex, childbirth and feelings, because Alan talks in one scene about the birth of his son Fernando, what happened and how he felt about it.
  5. Vocabulary relating to cars and driving + some other miscellaneous language

In part 3 there will be the usual test and pronunciation drills. A-Haaaa!

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