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Apr 30, 2009

This podcast is about Susan Boyle, the Scottish singer who recently became very famous all over the world on YouTube.

The feature section is about her and her performance of "I Dreamed a Dream" from the musical Les Miserables. Why was it so special? Why have so many people in the world seen it? Why has she become so...

Apr 25, 2009

This podcast episode today is about vampires! It includes a lecture on the myth of the vampire in modern popular culture, with a language focus on really useful vocabulary and expressions to describe feelings and emotions.  CLICK HERE TO READ A TRANSCRIPT AND VOCABULARY DEFINITIONS

Apr 23, 2009

This episode is all about the strange career of Hollywood actor Joaquin Phoenix. Listen to Luke talk to his friend Howard about Joaquin's career. Learn some really natural vocabulary and expressions. For vocabulary, definitions and other notes - CLICK HERE ;)

Apr 19, 2009

Hi, this is just a quick extra podcast to say hello and to let you know there are more podcasts coming soon. Also in this episode you can listen to a comedy sketch about speaking English. CLICK HERE FOR MORE NOTES AND A TRANSCRIPT FOR THE COMEDY SKETCH

Apr 15, 2009

Luke is still at his parents' house, and this time he's chatting to his Mum, who used to be a massive Beatles fan in the 1960s. She talks about how she first found out about them, why she liked them, and which one was her favourite. The language section is about good ways to describe past habits. Enjoy! CLICK HERE TO...