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Apr 23, 2019

589. Film Club: Avengers Endgame / Marvel Cinematic Universe (with Fred Eyangoh)

Part 1 of a big ramble about Avengers Endgame, Marvel Studios and comic book movies in general with my friend, comedian Fred Eyangoh. No spoilers! Part 2 coming soon...

Episode page with scripts, notes and videos

Apr 19, 2019

588. Punctuation Rules / Book Review (Part 2) Apostrophe, Full Stop, Comma

Part 2 of my episode about punctuation. This one covers punctuation rules for apostrophe, full stop and comma. Also you can hear the rest of my book review of Punctuation..?  by User Design. Transcript available.

English lessons on Cambly + 10...

Apr 18, 2019

587. Punctuation Rules / Book Review (Part 1)

This episode is about the importance of punctuation in writing. I'll teach you the names of various punctuation symbols and review a cool punctuation reference book that someone sent me recently, and yes I do think it is possible to have a cool book about punctuation!...

Apr 17, 2019

P12 [5/5] Grammar: Present Perfect Exercises, Tests and Pronunciation Drills

Here's the final part of this series about present perfect tense and this one is full of practice exercises to help you test your understanding and use of this vital but difficult verb form. There are also plenty of pronunciation...

Apr 16, 2019

P12 [4/5] Grammar: Past perfect, Present Simple and Present Continuous

In this part Iā€™m going to talk about past perfect simple and continuous, present simple and present continuous in an effort to help you better understand present perfect and to avoid making some common errors.

The PDF is in the app, and available...