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Oct 31, 2013

Luke answers some common auto-completed questions from Google. Hi listeners. Do you know what "Google auto-complete" is? You know when you start to google something, like maybe 'why is Luke's English Podcast so awesome?' and when you type 'why is', Google completes your question with lots of options? Those options are 'auto-completes'. It's when Google predicts your search based on frequently asked searches. Try typing "why is" into Google. It will give you some options, like "why is the sky blue?" Some auto-completes are quite fascinating, because they make you think "why are people asking these crazy questions?" or "that's a good question - what's the answer?"

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Some Google auto-completes are really deep, if you take the time to consider them. Have a look at this graphic, which was produced by xkcd  It is a montage of auto-completed questions from Google. I also posted the image on Facebook recently, here  Here's a link to the article about women's rights I mentioned too  In this episode I decided to try giving my answers to these Google auto-complete questions. You can listen to my answers in this episode, but I'm also interested in your opinions and your findings from google searches. Your task while listening to this is to Google the questions and check the results. Are my answers correct? Leave a comment below to give me your opnions. I hope you enjoy the episode. Cheers, Luke