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Jun 29, 2009

15. Extra Podcast - 12 Useful Phrasal Verbs

Just a quick podcast today. 12 useful phrasal verbs. To read a full transcript and vocabulary notes, click here to visit the website

Jun 17, 2009

14. English Mania / British & American Pronunciation

This full length podcast is about international English and pronunciation differences between American and British English. It includes audio from a TED Talk by Jay Walker 

For a transcript, vocabulary...

Jun 11, 2009

New video on YouTube - Luke's English Podcast - I Like It! To read vocabulary notes and to see photos and a video for this podcast, click here to visit Luke's English Blog.

Jun 9, 2009

To read a transcript for this episode, visit Luke's English Blog here. 

Jun 1, 2009

11. Men vs Women

This episode is all about men & women. Are they different? Do they communicate differently? It is inspired by a book called “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”, which is a very popular and successful guide to help men and women understand each other. 

I talk to 2 male friends, and then 2...