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Jan 30, 2014

An undersea tale of identity loss, and shrimp; this is one of those rather ridiculous improvised stories which is loosely based on an old joke. This kind of episode is for listeners who just enjoy listening to some silly fun. Normal educational podcasting will be resumed in due course. Have a good day! More details...

Jan 23, 2014

A discussion about football with a focus on the basic things you need to know about the Premier League and being a footy fan in England. For more information click here  #english #football #premier #league...

Jan 21, 2014

Join in the transcript collaboration in order to do some intensive listening, help others improve their English, and do me a little favour in return for the hard work I've been doing on the podcast over the years! ;) Here's the transcript collaboration page:

Jan 15, 2014

A conversation with my brother James over Skype in which we catch up with each other, and recommend some of our favourite British films for you to watch. For more information, click here

Jan 10, 2014

*Transcript available below* This is a follow up to the previous episode in which I interviewed my friend Amber, who is pregnant. In this episode I explain some key vocabulary to you, and discuss the issue of childbirth from a man's point of view. Click here for a transcript and more information