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Sep 30, 2019

618. The Climate Crisis Explained in 10 Charts (with Cara Leopold)

A conversation with Cara Leopold about the climate crisis including descriptions of key charts, graphs and data. Notes and transcripts available.

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Sep 26, 2019

617. Sales and Advertising (with Paul Taylor)

A language-focused episode looking at words and phrases that you often see and hear in advertising and sales situations. Also includes discussion of sales techniques, Apple's sales and marketing strategy and also a classic bit of stand-up by the late great George...

Sep 23, 2019

616. Can you find the 15 idioms? (with Paul Taylor)

Listen to Luke and Paul play a conversation game and try to spot 15 common idioms. All idioms are demonstrated, explained and listed on the website.

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Sep 20, 2019

P01 Pronunciation Drills Video

A video featuring 6 pronunciation drills from Premium episode 1. Repeat after me and pay attention to natural features of pronunciation like connected speech, sentence stress, weak forms and intonation. Also you can see my mouth and body moving while saying the sentences. Repeat, repeat,...

Sep 18, 2019

About Premium Videos

Hello premium viewers, here is a premium video about premium videos.

I've been thinking about premium videos.

I recently uploaded videos for eps 611-614. You might have seen them.

I probably won’t continue doing that in the premium subscription, because:

  • Bandwidth (large videos are v expensive)