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Jun 30, 2014

[2/2] The series on culture shock continues with more explanations of some common complaints about life in London. For more information, click here 

Jun 30, 2014

[1/2] This episode is all about common complaints made by foreign students living in London. It's common to experience some level of culture shock when dealing with the realities of living in the capital city as a foreign visitor. In this episode I'll try and clarify some of the confusions and frustrations relating to...

Jun 25, 2014

Are you living in a foreign country, or planning to live abroad for a while? This episode will be vital listening for you! Listen for some key bits of wisdom to avoid being affected by cultural differences. In this episode I talk about 4 common phases of culture shock that anyone could experience when living in a...

Jun 23, 2014

In this episode I was planning to give you my 'brief History of the World Cup' but I abandoned that idea because I decided it was too boring! Instead I've decided to just play you a recorded conversation I had with my Dad about his experience at the 1966 World Cup in London. I hope you find it interesting. 

Jun 19, 2014

In this episode I'm going to read out comments you've added so far on my World Cup 2014 forum. To read all the comments in this episode click here