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Oct 31, 2018

A Phrasal Verb a Day #145 - TO POUR OUT

1. to serve a glass or cup of drink for someone 

He poured out a couple of glasses of whisky for us both.

2. to leave in large numbers/amounts

When the concert stopped, the stadium gates opened and people slowly poured out.

3. to tell someone everything you're feeling

We sat down...

Oct 31, 2018

A Phrasal Verb a Day #144 - TO POUR IN

When large numbers of people or things (like water) come in.

The doors opened and the crowd poured into the building.

People have been pouring into the city all day for the celebrations.

The floodgates opened and the water came pouring in.

Oct 31, 2018

A Phrasal Verb a Day #143 - TO POUR DOWN

To rain heavily.

It was pouring down all day.

It's absolutely pouring down out there!

The rain has been pouring down all morning.

Oct 31, 2018

A Phrasal Verb a Day #142 - TO POTTER AROUND/ABOUT

To spend time in a relaxed way doing pleasant things which are not very important. Relaxing by doing little things and taking your time.

We spent our Sunday just pottering about in the garden.


Oct 31, 2018

A Phrasal Verb a Day #141 - TO POSE AS

To pretend to be someone else in order to trick someone.

Posing as security guards, the bank robbers entered the building through the back door.