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Oct 25, 2021

748. Karl Pilkington's 3-Minute Wonders / Manchester Accent [Part 2]

Understand more of Karl Pilkington's rambling as we learn about the Manchester accent and pick up vocabulary along the way. Video version available on YouTube.

Episode page with transcript & video

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Oct 15, 2021

747. Social Awkwardness / Very British Problems (with Michael Lavers from Level Up English)

Talking to Michael Lavers from the Level Up English Podcast about learning Japanese, embarrassing moments in language learning, social awkwardness and some "very British problems". Are you as socially awkward as a British person?...

Oct 12, 2021

746. Karl Pilkington's 3-Minute Wonders / Manchester Accent

Understand English as it is spoken by native speakers. Let's listen to Karl Pilkington rambling about life, the universe & everything, and see what we can understand and learn. Karl is from Manchester, so we'll be looking at some features of his accent, picking...

Oct 5, 2021

745. Mental Factors in Learning English (with Ray Addam) [English with Ray SwapCast]

Talking to English teacher Ray Addam from Glasgow in Scotland about mental factors in learning English, such as anxiety, confidence, stress and motivation. Video version available on YouTube.

Episode page 


Oct 4, 2021

P31 [6/6] What did Gill say? Memory Test & Pronunciation Drills

See how much target language you can remember from part 5 of this series, and then work on your pronunciation with a particular focus on sentence stress and connected speech.

The PDF is in the app (tap the gift icon) or downloadable in normal font size from...