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Mar 31, 2021

P29 [Part 2] Memory Test / "Listen & Repeat" Pronunciation Drills

Practise your pronunciation by repeating these sentences after me, focusing on sentence stress, weak forms and connected speech. All the sentences use target language from P29 part 1.

Tap the gift icon for the PDF or download it in normal font size from

Mar 26, 2021

711. William from France πŸ‡«πŸ‡· (WISBOLEP Runner-UP)

William started learning English at 12 years old and continued at university and beyond, spending a couple of years in England as a teaching assistant and then returning to France to work as a school teacher, in some pretty tough classrooms and less-than-perfect...

Mar 20, 2021

P29 [Part 1] What did Rick say? Vocabulary Review for LEP#704 The Rick Thompson Report

Would you like to speak English like my Dad? Let’s look at some of the words and phrases he used in episode 704, see how they are used in context, understand them, remember them, practise using them and pronouncing them...

Mar 17, 2021

710. The Umbrella Man by Roald Dahl (Short Story)

In this episode I read out a short story written by Roald Dahl and then comment on the style, language and plot. Enjoy some storytelling and learn some English in the process. Video version available.

Episode page (with link for the PDF) 


Mar 11, 2021

709. The Stoicism of Groundhog Day (with Mum)

This is a conversation with my mum about philosophy, how the film Groundhog Day can help us understand the principles of stoicism, and how this can all help us to feel a bit better about the world.

Episode page 

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