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Sep 30, 2014

Take a musical trip through Luke's hard-drive, in the middle of the night. Late one night recently, I decided to record a podcast while randomly picking some pieces of music from my hard-drive and talking to you at the same time. This is the result. Click here for lyrics and more information

Sep 23, 2014

Here's part 2 of my conversation with "The Son of the Dragon Tamer" in which we talk about these things: - The difference “pleasshure” and “pleasure”, “bio” and “B.O.” - The importance of ‘passion’ in France - Jamie Oliver’s (fake?) cockney accent - British & American English - Corneliu’s...

Sep 17, 2014

aka "The Son of the Dragon Tamer!" or "The guy with the longest name ever on LEP". *The conversation starts at 11.39 - so please skip my introduction if you like* Let me tell you a bit about Corneliu. He is a film maker and comedian originally from Romania. He lives in France now where he writes, directs, produces and...

Sep 10, 2014

On 18th September the people of Scotland will vote in a referendum to decide if Scotland should remain a part of the UK or become independent. If they vote "yes" and Scotland does become independent from the UK it would cause massive changes to the way the UK is organised. It would be the biggest change in UK...

Sep 7, 2014

The final episode of "Your English Podcast" - Please vote for your favourite competition entry by visiting . Voting closes on September 30th 2014 at 12 midnight, Paris time. Click here to cast your vote for this episode