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Jun 5, 2020

P23 [3/3] VOCAB BUILDER: Devil (Memory Test & Pronunciation Drills)

Contains a memory test and 14 pronunciation drills to help you develop fluent and clear speech. Also includes a few unplanned Sean Connery impressions just for fun.

📄Tap the gift icon in the LEP App to get the pdf, or download it here

Jun 4, 2020

P23 [2/3] VOCAB BUILDER: Devil (Idioms & Expressions)

Teaching you more common expressions to build your vocabulary. Includes various examples from different sources including song lyrics, TV scripts and improvised scenarios.

📄 PDF in the app (tap the gift icon) or download the PDF in normal font size here

Jun 3, 2020

P23 [1/3] VOCAB BUILDER: Devil (Idioms and Expressions)

Building your vocabulary by looking at common phrases that include the word devil. Full of examples from different situations, improvisations, TV & Film scripts and more.

📄 PDF available in the app and online with normal font size here

May 14, 2020

P22 [6] Memory Test & Pronunciation Drills (for Target Language in Parts 4&5)

Helping you remember target language and pronounce it properly. Includes a few little impressions, including Trump, Obama, McCartney and Schwarzenegger. 

The PDF is available in the app and online here

May 13, 2020

P22 [5] What did I say in episode 649? Vocabulary Review (with hiccups)

Teaching you more target vocabulary which came up naturally in a previous episode. I had hiccups at the start of this recording. Luckily they went away after about 5 minutes! Listen to find out what hiccups are, and to learn lots more common...