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Feb 25, 2018

A Phrasal Verb a Day #47 - to get off with someone

Notes & Transcript

Definition = to French kiss someone, to snog someone, to passionately kiss someone and maybe 'do more', but not full sex

"That's the girl he got off with at your party"


Hello everybody. This is Luke here from Luke’s English Podcast and this year I’m teaching you a phrasal verb every day and I’m still going. Today’s phrase is ‘to get off with’ and that’s ‘to get off with someone’ and it has a sexual meaning. In the dictionary it says ‘to get off with someone’ means ‘to start a new sexual relationship with someone’, okay? For example:

– That’s the girl he got off with at your party.

Now, I don’t think it just means ‘to start a new sexual relationship’. Really, it means when you do something sexual with another person I think normally this means ‘to kiss’ but, you know, ‘to French kiss’, ‘to snog’, ‘to kiss very passionately’, you know? Normally that’s what ‘to get off with’ means but it can mean more than that. In fact, some people I think believe that ‘to get off with someone’ means ‘to do, kind of, everything except have sex with that person’ but basically I think it means ‘to kiss’, you know, ‘to French kiss a person’. Teenagers do this at parties. They go to parties, they got drunk and they get off with someone. If you’ve seen that TV show ‘Skins’, well, there you go, that’s an example. ’To get off with someone’, ‘to passionately kiss or snog someone’ maybe a little bit more but no sex, okay? Right. Good. So, just some examples, yeah, for example:

– That’s the girl he got off with at your party.

– I can’t believe he got off with her!

For example. Alright. There you go. That’s it. Another one of these tomorrow but for now – goodbye.