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Jun 26, 2020

P09 Pronunciation Drills Video

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Welcome to the pronunciation drills video for P09 which was all about language from the first Alan Partridge series I did (LEP 547-549).

These pronunciation drills videos are here to give you some extra practice with pronunciation, while also being able to watch me, watch my body language and the way my mouth moves.

As usual I do ask that you repeat after me. These videos are all part of a process of language practice to help you not just understand some target language but use it too.

Just repeat the sentences after me several times. Try to find the stressed words in the sentence. Watch out for weak forms of prepositions and auxiliary verbs and also the way words blend into each other with connected speech.

Honestly, this is how I understand you can improve your pronunciation and speaking, so I really hope you repeat after me rather than just watching me say some sentences.

You might want to check P09 again or possibly LEP 547-549 to hear all this language explained, demonstrated and presented in its original context.

  1. It requires really good English to be able to read between the lines and pick up on very slight verbal and non-verbal clues.
  2. Alan’s career is going badly. He’s drifted into obscurity. 
  3. You go through a bad patch and you can smile at the end of it, probably.
  4. I didn’t say I was going through a bad patch, I said I was at a loose end. 
  5. You both sound exhausted, have you been running?
  6. Do you fancy a breath of fresh air?
  7. I got caught in a taxi that broke down.
  8. I’d rather have a few superficial bruises than a massively lacerated face. 
  9. I’d love to feel an airbag go off in my face.
  10. Come on Lynn, I’ll drop you at a cab rank.